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Smartcard Meter

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Quick Overview

     Smart ICC Prepaid Metering System

  • Class 1 accuracy ICC Smartcard meter

  • USB card reader / writer

  • Re-useable plastic Smartcards

  • IEC612052-11; IEC62053-21  

  Easy to operate software allowing:

  • Addition of account

  • Addition of credit

  • Refund of unused credit

  • Security controlled tariffs

  • Day-book transaction history



Please note: NEW users must purchase one Secure Admin – System & IC Interface

 ICC Smartcard meters

Prepaid Smartcard meters use integrated circuit cards (ICC), which are pocket-sized polycarbonate “credit cards” with embedded integrated circuits.

ICC Smartcards provide identification, authentication, data storage and application processing enabling information transfer between POS software application and the meter.

Smart-cards authenticate identity through public key infrastructure (PKI). The card stores an encrypted digital certificate issued from the software application along with other relevant information such as user details, tariffs rates etc.

Tenants pay for their energy before they use it – Point of sale (POS) software administrator reads the users smartcard then adds the required credit.  These are inserted into a slot in the meter, which credits energy onto the meter.

Allowing a landlord, property manager, condominium association, homeowners association, or other multi-tenant arrangement to gain complete control of tenant’s power consumption & help’s tenants to manage their own budget too.

This means tenants are responsible for paying their electricity as they go and won't leave the landlord with an unexpected bill to pay if they move out. Also it reduces any headache of changing the names registered with an energy company each time a tenant moves out and a new tenant moves in.


This system has several advantages:

- It’s an easy way to budget for electricity, no unexpected bills.

- Reusable Smartcards, up to 100,000 times!

- Refund unused credit

- Allows your tenants to stay on supply while repaying any money owed.

- Monitor tenant consumption without visiting the property.

- Print Receipts & Reports.

- Interrogate historical data.

- Embedded digital load control.

- Stop Electricity theft.

- Change tariffs on the software not the meter


IEC 62052-11 = Equipment for electrical energy measurement and load control, Electricity metering – Payment systems – International Standard

Class IEC 62053-21 = The class designation of an electricity meter under IEC 62053-21 refers to its accuracy.  For example, a Class 1 meter will have a deviation from reference performance of no more than 1%.



IC Smart Card Meter

IC Smart Card MeterSmart Card Meter Software




Electricity metering – Payment systems –

Additional Information

Model ICC Smartcard Prepayment Meter
Manufacturer Owen Brothers
In Depth In the UK, mechanical prepayment meters used to be common in rented accommodation. Disadvantages of these included the need for regular visits to remove cash, and risk of theft of the cash in the meter. Modern solid-state electricity meters, in conjunction with smart cards, have removed these disadvantages and such meters are commonly used for customers considered to be a poor credit risk. In the UK. Recently smartcards are introduced as much reliable tokens that allows two way data exchange between meter and the utility.