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Prepayment meters

The standard business model of electricity retailing involves the Landlord/Property Manager billing the customer for the amount of energy used in the previous month or quarter. In some countries, if the supplier believes that the customer may not pay the bill, a prepayment meter may be installed. This requires the customer to make advance payment before electricity can be used.   If the available credit is exhausted then the supply of electricity is cut off by a relay.

In the UK, mechanical prepayment meters used to be common in rented accommodation. Disadvantages of these included the need for regular visits to remove cash, and risk of theft of the cash in the meter.

Modern solid-state electricity meters, in conjunction with smart cards, have removed these disadvantages and such meters are commonly used for customers considered to be a poor credit risk.

Recently smartcards are introduced as much reliable tokens that allows two way data exchange between meter and the Landlord/Property Manager.

In South Africa, Sudan, Northern Ireland and many other countries prepaid meters are recharged by entering a unique, encoded twenty digit number using a keypad. This makes the STS tokens, essentially a slip of paper, very cheap to produce.

Standard Transfer Specification (STS) association, which promote common standards for prepayment metering systems across manufacturers. Prepaid meters using the STS standard are used in many countries.

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  1. OBMS001 Programmable Coin Timer

    OBMS001 Programmable Coin Timer

    OBMS001 Programmable Coin Timer This is used to charge for and control your electronic devices. You can insert coins and set the price and time that you would like your device to run .Many customers use this product for washing machines, equestrian equipment, snooker table lighting etc...It’s possible to alter the coin acceptor for the coins you would like to insert, and then set up the time. Features o Newest version of software! o This is used for power supply time control. o Suitable for any kind of automatic control such as gaming machines, Snooker Lights, washing machines, chargers, dryers, PCs Etc. o Digital timer: rate adjustable by owner through two simple push buttons. o You are able to determine application for how many coins should be inserted. o Free time setting is in the unit of minute or second (Programmable) o There is a warning sound in the last 30 seconds (Programmable) o Easy to use! Learn More
  2. Prepaid Smart IC Meter Software

    Prepaid Smart IC Meter Software

    This System is designed for: Multiple Tenant Dwellings, Rental Estate Agency, Hospitality Accommodation, Sporting Facilities, Farms, Staff Accommodation Marinas, Caravan Parks et.

    This meter has several advantages: It’s an easy way to budget for electricity – no unexpected bills.

    It allows your tenants to stay on supply while repaying any money owed.

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  3. IC Smart Card

    IC Smart Card

    IC Smart Cards

    For use with IC Smart Card Meters

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  4. Emline coin meter

    Coin Prepayment Meter & Timer

    The emlite coin prepayment meter provides a compact and easy to use solution for many prepaid metering applications. Fully approved in accordance with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), this highly functional meter may be used for resale of electricity or services.

    Features -

    Fully MID approved

      •  Prepayment Meter and Timer modes of operation
      •  Easy-to-read LCD Display
      •  Two Coin values accepted (Multiple Currency and Token options)
      •  Coin rejection chute
      •  Push Button programing
      •  100 Amp rated.
      •  Economy 7 operation (2 rates)
      •  Standing Charge and Debt collection features.
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