GIV Energy Inverter Wireless Import / Export Meter

GIV Energy Inverter Wireless Import / Export Meter

GIV Energy Inverter Wireless Import / Export Meter


Wireless Metering package for GIV energy inverters


Inverter unit:

1 x OBM-LoRa-223 in IP65 Enclosure for connection to the inverter RS485 Meter Port (Optional Generation Meter)

Wirelss Import/Export Meter:

1 x OB115-MOD MID & UKCA Certified Meter with OB-LoRa-223 Module in IP66 Enclosure 

OB115-MOD UKCA / MID Annex B & D Meter 

Long Range Wireless Transceiver

The OBM-LoRa-223 Long Range Wireless Transceiver allows you to connect
RS485 Modbus RTU devices over distances where it is impractical or impossible to run data cables.

The transceiver modules can connect to multiple devices and multiple transceiver modules.

Ideal for :  Wireless Import / Export Metering for GIV energy Inverters 

Optional Generation Meter.

Available Protocols:

LoRa-PMAC: Private radio-based MAC protocol
Requires OBM-LoRa-223 configuration software and Dongle to setup.

LoRa-Radio: No software or PC connection required.
The mode used in most installations.

LoRa-WAN: For experienced users with thier own LoRa-WAN patforms.
Owen Brothers does not provide technical support for this mode.


GIV Energy Example



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More Information

More Information
Model OBM-LoRa-OB115-GIV.2
Length 9.05
Height 6.07
Bredth 3.56
HS Tariff Code 9030310000
Packing Buffer (in percentage) 20
Packing Type Shared


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